Here's a great Secret Box for stashing your stuff. To nosey snoopers, it looks empty!

You will need:
  • A washing powder tablets box
  • Mirror card
  • Plastic packaging
  • Paint
  • Gold pen
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
Find a box with a lid.

A washing powder tablet box like this one is perfect.
You need to cut a hole in the front of the box, so draw a guide line that's a couple of centimetres in from the edge.

You could use a ruler to help you do this.
Now you need to cut out that section.

Whenever you need to cut something out from the middle of your artwork, just make a hole by pressing a sharp pencil through into some modelling clay.
This way you can get your scissors in, and it makes cutting out much easier!
Next, you need to make the hole into a window.

To do this, you need some see-through plastic packaging.
Tape it into position across the hole.
It's still an ordinary box at the moment, but here are the special steps that'll turn it into a Secret Box!

The secret is a piece of mirror card...
To get it to fit, you need to measure the front of the box to get the width of card...
...and then diagonally across the side to get the length.
Take the measurements and cut the mirror card to size.
Then, place the mirror card in the box, with the bottom edge at the back.
Now lean it forward. If you put your things in behind the mirror card, you won't be able to see it on the other side - even though it looks like it's empty through the window!
To make it look even more convincing, you need to decorate the inside of the box. Remove the mirror card before you do this.

Draw around the bottom of the box onto some paper.
To get the right size, cut it out slightly inside the line.
Now design a pattern. A symmetrical or repetitive pattern is best, like stripes, as it will disguise the mirror better!

Avoid words or numbers as they'll reflect backwards and spoil the secret.
Colour in the design and glue it into place on the bottom.
Do exactly the same for all the sides of the box, and you'll have something that looks like this!
When you put the mirror card back in, the illusion is complete!
Finally, decorate the outside of the box any way you like.

This one's going to be a wooden box, so start with some light brown...
...and when it's dry, add in some woodgrain with a darker shade of brown.
Finally, add some hinges, and some detail with a gold pen.
When it's finished, you'll have something that looks like this, and everything you put in it will seem to disappear!

Try it yourself!