The chances are you've seen Neil add detail to pictures when the paint has dried. But how about doing it whilst it's still wet?

You will need:
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Coloured Paper
  • Pencil
For this you'll need some coloured paper or thin card, and a different colour or shade of paint.

Squeeze or pour some paint onto a piece of paper.
Spread the paint out using a paintbrush.
Next you'll need a cocktail stick, or a sharp pencil.
Use the point of your cocktail stick or pencil to make a pattern in the paint, before it dries.
You can combine any colour of paint, with any colour of paper and make any pattern you can think of!

When you have enough sheets of paper, see if it inspires you to make a picture using all the patterns.
You can cut the paper into different sizes to make pieces of a picture.
And you can also cut it into shapes to make different objects.
Here's a beach scene.
And here's a sheep!

This Art Attack is very good for creating animals.
How about a tiger?
Or a crocodile, on plain coloured paper?
Or why not go wild and create a detailed picture using all kinds of patterns?

Don't forget to stick your pieces down!

Try it yourself!