Brighten up boring houseplants with a family of scarecrows.

You will need:
  • a clean, empty crisp packet
  • an empty box (about 5cm high, same length as crisp packet)
  • lots of string
  • sticky tape
  • scissors
  • a plastic or paper cup
  • newspaper
  • thin card
  • tubes
  • PVA glue
  • cardboard box card
  • poster or acrylic paint
  • tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • marker pen
Put the box inside the bag.

If you canít find a box thatís as small as the bag, you can always cut one into shape.

Tape the box at the front and the back to the crisp packet, just to keep it in place.
Wrap a piece of string around the middle of the bag, tie a knot in it, and cut off the excess.
Here's a tricky bit - carefully snip about a third of the way along the bag, and then flip it over and do the same on the other side.
This allows you to open up the bottom of the bag, so you can create the shape of the scarecrow.

Be careful you donít tear the bag too much. If you do, you can easily fix it with some sticky tape.
Take another piece of string, about 50cm long, and place it at the bottom of the box, so that half of it hangs over one side, and half of it hangs over the other.

Tape it to the bottom of the box, all the way across.
Stand the box up like this, then pinch the sides of the crisp packet to make the shoulders. Press it flat on the top.
Take another piece of string, again 50cm long, and place that on the top, and overhang it in the same way so that half overhangs one side, and half overhangs the other.

Tape it all the way along to the ends of the shoulders.
Now you need to make the head.

Scrunch up a page of newspaper, and tape it onto the top.
For the hat, take a plastic or paper cup, and cut the top off.
Take the bottom part, turn it upside down, and draw around it onto some thin card.

It doesnít need to be perfect, because itís a scarecrowís hat, so it can be a bit raggedy.
Remove the bottom part from the paper, and draw another circle around the one youíve just drawn, about 2cm bigger all the way round.

Again, it doesnít need to be perfect.
Cut it out and you will have a card ring.
Hereís the clever bit.

First, tape the top part of the hat to your scarecrowís head.

Itís a good idea to put it at a bit of an angle, rather than straight on his head.

Then slot the card ring over the hat, and tape it down.
To make the arms and legs, you need some small card tubes.

The inside of cling film and foil rolls are good for this, but sweet tubes will also do.
Cut four in half, so that you have eight pieces for the arms and legs.
For the hands and feet, take a piece of card and draw two glove shapes. Make them very pointy.

The feet are just two large ovals.
Cut the hands and feet out, and place them all like this.
Mix some PVA glue in equal parts with water, and slap it all over the scarecrowís body and head, and cover it with tissue paper or kitchen roll.

Be careful not to lose the scarecrow shape!

The idea is to cover the scarecrow in an equal layer of tissue paper.
Leave it to dry.
Now to bring him to life...

Draw on some eyes, a mouth, and for his nose, you could use a small paper cone.
Then paint everything - not just the body and head, but the arms, legs, hands and feet too, using poster or acrylic paint.

When youíve painted the whole thing, itíll look something like this.

Itís also a good idea to go over all the detail in a black marker.
Once youíve painted everything, you need to thread it all together.

Itís just a case of loosely threading the two tubes on each limb, and then taping the hand or foot into position, and cutting off the excess string.
And there it is - your very own scarecrow. You can shape it into any position you want.

Try it yourself!