Here's an Art Attack that uses salt to give a great effect to painting.

You will need:
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Salt
Start by using a thick paintbrush to thoroughly wet a piece of paper or thin card.
When it's still wet, take some light blue watercolour and wash it over the wet paper.

You could use watered-down poster or powder paint for this - just as long as it's nice and runny.
Next, splash in some strong abstract blobs of colour, about half way down the paper.
Use another watery colour...
...and another!

These blotches will eventually be exotic coral on a tropical sea bed!
Next, add vivid blue and greens to the bottom of the picture, for the sea bed.
And while the paints are still wet, gently sprinkle on some ordinary table salt.
Sprinkle it randomly, and take care not to put too much on.
When the paint has dried it will look something like this.
The best bit comes next - gently shake off the salt off...
...and you'll see that where the salt settled it has reacted with the paint and given it a fantastic tropical coral-like effect!
How about using the technique to produce attractive backgrounds for other pictures?

This one has tropical fish swimming among the coral.
Or how about this autumn woodland scene?

Try it yourself!