Not everything you do goes according to plan. Have you ever drawn something that you don't like, or rip up a picture because it's rubbish? Or you've spoiled it by mistake? Well don't throw it away! Turn bad stuff into an art form! It's great fun to do.

You will need:
  • a ruined picture
  • scissors
  • coloured paper
  • felt tips
  • black marker
  • stick glue
Here's a picture Neil's done, but a coffee mug stain in the bottom left corner has ruined it.
To make it really sad, cut it up a bit, by cutting it in half, but do it neatly.

The idea is to make it look like you meant every single mistake.
Then, to get rid of the really spoiled bit, cut it out in jagged lines, a bit like a bite mark, to make it look like it was meant to happen.
Tear along the top to make it look like a crack, just by ripping it.

You can even draw black lines around these cut bits to make it look like it was meant to happen
Now go over the top!

Scrunch the picture up a bit, and stick it wonky onto some backing paper.
Make the picture look even sadder with some very bad repairs.

Take some more paper, and draw a cartoon plaster, some bits of cartoon sticky tape, or maybe some cartoon planks of wood.
Colour these in, using cartoon colours, and you'll have loads of 'repair' things to stick on your picture like these here.
Finally, just place these onto the picture to make it look like you've tried to repair it - badly! When you're happy with all this sadness, glue them all down and there you have it. So next time you ruin one of your pictures - don't just throw it away… think how you can turn into sad art, instead!

Try it yourself!