Isn't it annoying when you come to paint a picture and find you've run out of certain colours? But you can still paint a picture! Here's how.

You will need:
  • Paint - just one colour!
  • White paper
This paintbox has just one colour left - blue.
Have a think about what you could do with blue on white paper...
The key thing to remember is that shading is extremely important.

With only one colour, it's essential that you vary the strength of the colours on the page so that things look different. Here Neil is painting the sky, and so a very light blue is required. A lot of water, and very little paint.
More paint now, to make it less of a wash.
And then more paint for shading.
Just using blue like this gives a really cold feel to the picture.
Any idea what it's going to be ?
For careful details, again, use more blue and less water.
A smaller brush with a fine tip will enable you to paint very fine detail.

This can be done using a very dark wash of blue.
And there you have it! A completely one colour picture, with the variations coming entirely from using different shades of the same colour.

Try it yourself!