Here's a great way of giving your artwork, or even written work, a fancy ribboned border... without ribbons!

You will need:
  • Coloured pencils
  • Paper
Take a coloured pencil and draw a circle at each corner of the edge of your work.

These will be the knots on the ribbon.
Then draw a squiggle out from the knot, in each direction around your work.

Don't let them touch!
Start at the end of each squiggle and go back to the beginning.

The idea is to get a sort of double squiggle that goes in and out.
Then do two loops on each knot for a bow, and double it up.

Go all the way round.
Now, to turn the squiggles into ribbons, shade each of these sections in lightly, but just leave a gap in the middle of each ribbon section.
Look what starts to happen...

As you colour them in, leaving this light strip, you get a soft ribbon texture.
Then, to make it really twisty, shade the pointy bits of each section a lot darker.

You'll start to get a real light and dark shade on the ribbon as it twists and turns.
Do the loops of the bows in the same way - shading them, leaving a gap, and then shading the pointy tips.
There it is - a fancy, twisty ribbon border!
To make it even fancier, you could start with flowers in the corner instead of knots.

If you colour the petals of the flower with the same technique, you get a really great effect. Here, two colours have been used for added contrast.
You could even do more than one ribbon, and make them multi-coloured.
You can use this technique to decorate notebooks, diaries, picture frames and greetings cards.

Try it yourself!