Some great tips to help you paint really cool looking flowers.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Paint
First you need some good flowery colours like pink and yellow, and a darker version of each one. For example, here's orange for a darker version of yellow and a mauve/purple as a darker version of pink.

Make sure you use thick paint for this!
We're going to start with a pink flower. Load up your paintbrush with the darker colour first.

The way to do this is to put your paintbrush on the edge of the paint and turn it around so you get a purple band around the middle of the brush.
Then, with the same method, load the lighter colour onto the tip of your brush.
Roll off any excess, because you don't want too much paint on the brush!
Now - the idea is to paint the petals of a flower with this two-tone brush.

To do so you have to push it, pull it!

Push your brush down onto the page...
...then pull it down the page so that the colours join together.

There you have your first petal!
Keep going, pushing the brush down, and then pulling it along and slightly up off the page. Go around in a circle, always bringing your brush into the centre.

If you need more paint, just load up the brush again in the same way as before: darker colour in the middle, lighter colour at the tip.
The two tones of paint streak together to give a great petal texture.
A fantastic flower!
To finish, off put a few pink and mauve dots around the middle of the flower.
If you load your brush up in the same way with other colours - this time darker orange in the middle and lighter yellow on the tip, rolling off the excess - you can produce more great flowers with the same technique!
Just push and pull!
Once again, finish off with some dots in the middle.
You can even use this technique when painting leaves.

This time load the brush with two tones of green: as usual, the darker green around the middle and the ligher green on the tip.
Push and pull once again, but this time just give it a small flick to the side as you come to the end of the leaf.

This gives it a leaf shape.
With a bit of practice you can create all sorts of flowers and leaves.

Different brushes will give you different textures and effects. Here's a great example of a whole page of flowers and leaves!
And here's another.

Experiment using different colours.
Not only is this technique good for pictures, you can also use it to decorate things.

Here's a diary decorated with flowers.
Even bits of old furniture can be recycled by decorating them with this technique.

Try it yourself!