Are you bored with painting the same style patterns? Here's a way to help create a pattern that you can go wild with!

You will need:
  • Thick Paper
  • Felt Tips
  • Water
  • Paint
Mix a little water into some poster paint, to make it slightly runny.
Randomly pour a few blobs of paint mixture onto your paper.
Now pick up the paper and tilt it slightly, this way and that, to make the paint run in streaks across the page, in any direction you like!

Once you're happy, lie it flat and allow to dry.
When the lines of paint have dried you can colour in the sections using paint, to make a pattern.
Your paper doesn't even have to be white, you could use black paper...
...and you don't have to colour in the sections with paint - you could use felt tips!
Or how about going crazy with something really over the top like this.

Try it yourself!