Here's a great and classic way of getting action and movement into your drawings and cartoons. Power Lines. But not the ordinary ones...

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Something to draw with
These are power lines. Just two, ordinary drawn lines... but they can be very powerful when it comes to putting action into your art.
Here's a car. Without lines you can't tell if it's moving or standing still.
Add the Power Lines and suddenly it's very obvious.

It really looks like it's speeding along.
It's the same principle for this skier.

Add the power lines and suddenly he's moving.
The idea is to do them quickly and with a light, wispy flick to give the impression of energy.

It doesn't work so well if you press hard or do it slowly, like on this one on the left.
In fact, if you put your power lines in the wrong place it can make things seem like they're going backwards - like this skier!
Power lines don't have to be straight, either.

If you curve them, they can show the direction of movement, like this ball and her arms.
You can even bounce them!

Try it yourself!