Why not make a postman-friendly dog, brilliant for keeping your letters, postcards and notes in?

You will need:
  • cardboard box card
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • acrylic or poster paint
  • string (optional)
  • sticky tape (optional)
  • newspaper to protect your work surface
Take a big piece of a cardboard box card and draw a ruler length down it, marking the halfway point.

At that central point, draw a rulerís length across on one side, and then do the same on the other side.

Then join up the ends of this cross with a nice smooth curve to create your oval.
Carefully cut this out.
Place this oval on top of another big piece of cardboard box card.

Draw around half (the longer, stretched side) of the oval onto the bottom piece of card to get a curved line.
Take the top piece of card away and join each end of the curved line with a wavy line.
Carefully cut this shape out.
Turn it over and glue just along the bottom edge. Use strong glue for this. You need about 1cm of glue in from the edge.

Glue all the way around the bottom (curved) edge. Whatever you do, donít put any glue along that top (wavy) edge!
Now stick it to the bottom of your oval.

Line it up along the bottom, press it down, and leave it to dry.

It's a a good idea to place some heavy books on the top while the glue dries, just to keep it flat.
Once it has dried, you have the mouth of your postmanís dog.

The reason you didnít put any glue along the top part of the lip is so that it leaves an opening to slot your letters.

Now you need to design the rest of your dogís body.
Draw the other body parts onto some more cardboard box card.

Make sure you do them the right size to fit around your dogís mouth.

Make them nice and cartoon-like.

You need to make two back legs, two front legs (slightly smaller than the back ones), and the facial features - a snout, angry eyes, and floppy ears.
When youíve done all the pieces, carefully cut them out and arrange them around the mouth.

Tuck the back legs underneath the back, and then tuck the front legs underneath.

The head goes nicely on top.
When you're happy with the position, glue all the bits into place and leave to dry - and you should end up with something like this.
When it is dry, draw on some more detail.

You could put a nice big highlight on his nose to make it look wet.

You could give him vicious postmanís dog eyes, or make him a spotty dog.

In fact, you can do any design you like!
Now you can paint him - any colour you like.

Use acrylic paint or poster paint. Once youíre done, leave it to dry.
Now all you need to do is slot the post in to create his teeth and give him a vicious grin!

You can put some pictures in there, letters, postcards, secret love letters, photographs - whatever you like.
And you donít have to make a dog. You just start with your card oval and bottom lip stuck into place. Then you draw and cut out different body parts for different animals.

How about a nice wiggly body and a forked tongue for a snake?

Or how about two nice big sticky out eyes, two front feet, and two big back feet for a frog? Even a shark!
Using exactly the same method, you just glue all the bits into place and then paint them any colour you like.

Try it yourself!