This is a cool way of making really ordinary pictures look interesting, by mixing up two different styles.

You will need:
  • A drawing you have done
  • Word and picture cuttings from magazines
To start with you need a picture you've created... the more ordinary the better.

Here Neil has a watercolour picture of a boring old brick wall with a door in it.
Then you need to collect together lots of scraps from magazines.

Cut out any pictures or text you like the look of.
Then use them to make your picture more interesting.

Neil's sticking some of the pictures to the wall in the picture.
Leave them to dry and then pick or tear at some of the corners to make them look more scruffy.

You don't have to be neat with this.
Then layer more posters cut from magazines over the top of the first ones.

Add on bits of writing to make them look more like posters!
The bits of magazine start to look like old posters that have been stuck on the wall over the years and then torn down.
Keep adding on layers, one on top of the other.

You could even use bits of newspaper as well. Torn paragraphs of newspaper print work really well.
There's no need to be neat!

Take a bit of magazine, tear it a little and then stick it on. You could even leave some corners unstuck.
When you've finished adding on layers and making it look old and worn, you'll end up with something like this.

Now the ordinary boring painted wall looks like an alley wall that's had loads of posters stuck on it over the years.
You can use this technique in other pictures too.

How about this gallery of cartoon frames with magazine collage paintings?
And check out this drawing of a window with a magazine "view" from it!

Try it yourself!