Create a view from a boat window... a porthole complete with real water!

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Old pictures of underwater images
  • Water
  • A small, clear, self-sealing plastic sandwich bag
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
Cut out two circles from some cardboard box card.

They need to be the same size - you could draw round a plate.
Place a smaller plate or saucer inside each, and draw around them as well.
Cut out the middle section of one of the circles, to leave a porthole shaped frame.
Stick some small circular bits of card around the rim so they look like bolts.
Then paint it all in a metallic colour!
Now you need to create a view for your porthole, to put onto the other piece of card.
Choose some pictures from old holiday brochures or magazines.

Arrange the scene you want.
Build up a picture to cover the whole inner circle. When you're happy with the layout, glue all the pieces into place.
Put some water into the self-sealing bag that's a similar size to your picture. Do this over the sink and make sure the bag's sealed properly. Don't add too much water - you don't want it to burst or leak! Use sticky tape to strengthen the seal.
Carefully tape the bag over the picture, making sure the sticky tape is underneath where the rim's going to go so it won't be visible.
Now, place the porthole frame over the top. Fix it into place using glue or tape.

Remember to tuck in any overhanging corners.
When the frame is secure you're ready to look through your porthole! Give it a squeeze to create a wave!

Try it yourself!