Here's a really unusual technique for colouring in. It makes pictures with real impact!

You will need:
  • A photograph or picture from a magazine
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Colours
  • Tracing paper
First choose a picture. You can use a photo or pick one from a magazine.

This technique works best on faces, but it can be anything you want.
Place a piece of tracing paper over your chosen picture.

Using a pencil pick out some of the main lines like around the outside edge of the face...
... and around the eyes, nose and mouth.
You could also outline areas of shading, like on the cheek.
When you've picked out all the lines you want, trace your picture onto a piece of white paper. Here's how.

The way to use tracing paper is to put a sheet of tracing paper over your drawing and then trace over all the lines with a soft pencil.
Then flip the tracing paper over and, onto some scrap paper, trace over all the lines again.
Then take your best paper and flip the tracing paper over once more.

Trace over the lines again and you'll get an exact copy of your original picture.
When you've traced your original drawing you'll have something that looks like this.
Take some felt tips and start to fill in the different areas with different patterns.

Try to give it a nice bold design.
It doesn't matter that the colours are unrealistic, as it all adds to the funky effect.
You start to get a pop art pattern effect.

Just keep filling the shapes with different patterns and colours.
When you've completely coloured it in you'll have something that looks like this.
Different patterns will produce different effects.

For example, the areas in this picture have been coloured in with blocks of colour.
Or how about this one?

It uses a combination of felt tip pen colouring and cut outs from magazines to fill in the shapes.
And this one is "coloured in" using bits of newspaper!
If you make lots, you'll soon have your own gallery of Art Attacks! They don't take very long to make and look very effective.

Try it yourself!