Where do you keep your pocket money? How about posting it in one of these Art Attack letterboxes?

You will need:
  • newspaper
  • cylindrical crisp or biscuit tube
  • scissors
  • black felt pen
  • PVA glue
  • tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • sticky tape
  • corrugated cardboard
Take a cylindrical crisp or biscuit tube.
Draw a slot that's about four centimetres down from the lid, but make it wide enough to fit your money in.
When you're happy with the size of the slot, cut it out.

To do this, take a sharp pencil first, push it through the tube, and then take you scissors and cut out the slot. You might want to ask an adult to help you do this.
You should now have something that looks like this.
Take a double page spread from a newspaper, and mould it into a sort of shallow dome shape.
Tape this into place on top of the plastic lid.

Make sure that you don't go over the edge of the plastic lid.
To finish the top of the letterbox, cut some corrugated cardboard into a strip about 2cm in width, with the corrugations running from top to bottom.
Put some glue along it, and wrap it around the lip of the lid.
Hold it into place until it's dry, to form the basic shape for the top of your post box.
Next, you need to pad out the bottom.

Take a few sheets of small newspaper, and fold the short side up three times, to form a strip about a third of the length of your tube.
Wrap it all the way around the bottom of your tube like this, and tape securely into position.
Make some small sausages of newspaper, and stick them around the edge of the slot to form a rim and a 3D shape.
Cut out a rectangle of card and stick it to the front, for the information board.
To really strengthen it all, mix some PVA glue in equal parts with water, and slosh it all over the tube.

Lay on strips of tissue paper, kitchen roll or loo roll, and work it into all the nooks and crannies. Don't forget to go over the lid, but don't glue it to the tube!
Cover the whole thing in two layers of tissue and glue mixture, and leave it to dry. Don't forget to let the tube and the lid dry separately.
Paint it using poster or acrylic paint. Use a traditional post box red.
When the red paint is dry, paint on other details. Outline the slot and other bits of detail with a black pen, and there you have it - your own money box! Insert your money through the slot. To get it out again, just open the lid!

Try it yourself!