Here's a great Art Attack for recycling old carrier bags!

You will need:
  • A colourful carrier bag
  • Scissors
  • Tape
Take a carrier bag that's a bright colour, like this blue one.
The idea is to draw six or seven petal shapes - pointy ovals - onto the carrier bag.
Cut them out carefully.
For the centre of the flower, cut out a circle from a different coloured bag.
Pinch it in the middle, bunching the circle up.
Hold it in place with some tape.

This can be a bit fiddly!
Then, add on the petals.

Put them around the edges.
Hold two or three in position, and add on some tape.
Keep adding petals in the same way, going around the centre, until you've created a whole flower.
You could even twist a green bag into a long stalk, holding it in place with lots of tape.

Stick the flower onto the other end!
You can experiment with different coloured bags. and different petal shapes, like these rounded white ones with a delicate pink centre.
And this one with large petals makes it look quite tropical.
Here's another good idea: if you get one of these green garden sacks...
... you can twist it up into a thick vine, and tape it into place.
Then you can wrap your flowers around it to create a recycled art masterpiece!
They look great if you use them to decorate your room or as some party decorations.

Try it yourself!