Ever wanted to get out of things you donít want to do? Well now you can with your own authentic plaster cast!

You will need:
  • bandage or gauze bandage
  • PVA glue
  • newspaper
  • sticky tape
  • white paint
Take a piece of A4 sized thin card, such as cereal box card.
Roll it around the arm that you don't write with.

Lay your arm on top of it - palm up - and roll it around. Then tape it into place.

You don't want to make it too tight as you need to be able to get your arm into and out of it.
To pad it out, take three double sheets of newspaper, and fold them all roughly into thirds.

Press along the fold to flatten it.
Lay the tube on top of the newspaper and wrap the paper around the tube, taping it securely into place.
Take some more paper, folded in exactly the same way, and wrap it around the other end, like this.

Again, tape it securely into place.
Then loosely roll up another sheet of newspaper, and flatten it so that it's about 4cm wide.
Put your arm through the cast, and with your broken arm palm up, hold one end of the strip on the cast on the little finger side like this.
Fold it across diagonally over the palm of your hand between your thumb and first finger so that your thumb is in the gap, like this... and grab it.

Tape the two ends of the strip into position securely.
Mix some PVA glue with a little water, and paste it on quite thickly onto the cast.
Then wrap around strips of bandage or gauze bandage (you can get this from most chemists), and paint more glue mixture onto the top. Add loads of glue and wrap more bandages around.

You could always use kitchen roll for this.
Cover the whole thing in one bandage layer. When the whole cast is covered and dry, it'll look something like this. You now need to paint it white to neaten it up.
To make it look really authentic, add some graffiti with a permanent marker, like noughts-and-crosses, or different messages and drawings.
And when you've finished, you'll have something that looks like this. Put it on, and see how many people you can fool with it!

Try it yourself!