Here's a great way of stashing your secret letters, money or even sweets... with a Pixie Pot!

You will need:
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic cup
  • Paper bowl
  • PVA glue
  • Tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • Cardboard box card
  • Cereal box card
  • Tape
  • Paint
  • Black pen
Cut out a circle of cardboard box card that's about the same size as a small plate. This will be the ground.
For the mushroom stalk, take a plastic cup and stick it in the middle of the ground, securing it in place with plenty of sticky tape.
The top of the toadstool is a paper bowl turned upside down. This will also be the lid of the Pixie Pot.

To make sure that the lid stays on, take a thin strip of card that's a couple of centimetres wide, and loop it round inside the top of the cup.
Hold it in shape and tape it together.
Then, tape this loop to the underside of the paper bowl.

This will make a lip that should slot perfectly into the cup.
Now you need to fatten it up.

Wrap some newspaper around the base of the plastic cup to make it more chunky. Tape it into place.
Take four double page spreads of newspaper and curl in the edges to create a dome shape.

Use lots of tape to keep it together.
Tape this dome shape onto the bowl, moulding it around as you go.
When you've done that, you should have something that looks like this.
Now to make the pixie that will sit on top of the pot!

For the head, roll up a small newspaper ball.
For the body make a small, stubby sausage shape and tape it to the head.
The legs are little twists of newspaper bent into shape.
And the arms are the same sort of thing, just a little thinner and flat at one end, to create a hand.

Tape them on.
Then sit the pixie on top of the toadstool and arrange it in a suitable pixie pose.

Cross his legs, and maybe tape his hand up to his face so it looks like he's thinking.
To give him some character, make a thin newspaper nose, two ears made out of cereal box card and two triangles of cardboard box card for shoes!
Finally, for a pixie hat, take a little square of newspaper, wrap it round his head, and twist it at the top.

Tape it all into place.
And there he is!
Separate the lid and stalk and paste on a layer of PVA glue mixed half and half with water and tissue paper or kitchen roll.

Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies, sealing over all the joins.
When it's dry it will be much stronger and ready to paint.
Use earthy colours for this: green for the pixie's hat and trousers, beige for his shirt and pink for his face.
The toadstool can be bright red with white spots!
When you've finished painting and he's dry you can add in some finer detail with a black pen, such as his face and hands.
You could even stick on some paper grass around the base of the toadstool.

And now you can hide all your precious things inside!

You don't have to make a pixie.

This one is a fairy, with paper wings and a newspaper skirt! You could even sprinkle on some glitter.

Try it yourself!