Here's a really original idea the next time you need to send someone a birthday card.

You will need:
  • thin card
  • pen
  • paper
  • felt tips or paint
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
  • sticky tack
  • stick glue
  • cotton
  • cocktail stick
Start by taking a piece of pale coloured card.
Fold it in half, and on the front, draw a circle in pen.

You can use a saucer or compass to do this.
On a separate piece of white paper, draw a circle which is exactly the same size.
Write your message on the front of the card, inside the circle.

Make sure you stay inside the circle!
Then, on the paper circle, draw the picture you want to see on the front of the card.

Colour it in and cut it out.
To make the pulling mechanism, carefully fold your paper picture in half, so that the picture is on the outside.
Fold it in half again - twice.
And then fold it in half again - for the third time.
Take a pair of scissors, and snip along a curved line, about 1cm away from the top.

The idea is to cut a line almost all the way across, but donít go all the way!
Then, turn it over, and do the same again, about half a centimetre from the last line.
And do it again - turn it over and cut about half a centimetre from the previous one.

The idea is to keep going all the way until youíre about a centimetre away from the middle.
Then - the tricky bit - open it out.

Be patient and very careful!

It can be fiddly, so be careful not to rip the paper after all your hard work!

Then press it flat against the table.
Take a small strip of sticky tape, and just stick it onto the centre of the paper at the back.
Then push a small hole through the tape. The best way to do this is to use a cocktail stick. Put some sticky tack underneath it, and just push through.
Then, you need to take a long piece of cotton. Thread both ends through the hole.

You need to do it from the picture side.

Pinch the two ends together, give them a lick, and push them through.

When it comes through the other side, tie a knot thatís big enough to stop it going back through.
Itís always a good idea to pop another square of tape over the end of the string, so that itís secure.
Then, take some glue, and put a thin line of glue around the edge of the card circle - no more than 1cm thickness, but keep the glue inside the line.
Carefully place your paper picture on top and leave it to dry.
Test it out to see if it works.

And there you have it, a pull-a-picture card!

You could do lots of other picture cards. How about a throbbing heart, or even put the message on the front to reveal a picture?

Try it yourself!