Are you afraid of the dark? Do you love Halloween stories, spooky movies and other creepy ghoulish things? If yes, then you need one of these - a pet ghost. They are so easy to make!

You will need:
  • paper or plastic cup
  • newspaper
  • sticky tape
  • PVA glue
  • plastic bag or bin liner
  • cardboard box card
  • cling film
  • water
First you need to make a frame. Take a disposable paper or plastic cup, turn it upside down, and tape it onto a plastic bag or bin liner thatís stretched out flat and taped to some cardboard.
Screw up a ball of newspaper, about this big, and tape it securely to the top of the cup.

This will be the head.
Make two newspaper sausages, and stick them onto the side of the cup to form arms.

They need to be quite firm and thick. Make sure they point up in the air, like this.
Cover it with some cling film. Lay it over the top and just push it into the shape of the head and the arms, but not the cup.

Let it droop down over the sides, like this.
To make the actual pet ghost, you need a plant spray gun. You can buy these very cheaply from most garden centres and DIY stores. There might even be one already in your house!

Fill it with PVA glue in one part to three parts water.
Spray the glue mixture over the entire frame, making sure thereís plenty of newspaper underneath to avoid getting PVA glue everywhere!
Lay some strips of tissue paper, kitchen roll or loo roll for the head, the arms and the body. Let them droop or dangle over the shape. Spray some more glue on them. Itís important that some of these strips reach down onto the plastic bag, as this will help the ghost stand up when itís dry.
Add a couple of layers of glue and tissue.

Make sure some of the strips are ripped or torn to create a real spooky effect.

When youíve covered it all, leave it to dry.

Pull it carefully off the plastic cup frame.
Carefully poke out some sinister eyes with a pencil, or maybe even tear a droopy mouth Ė and there it is - your pet ghost!
It looks even better lurking in dark corners with the lights out. Spooky! In fact, you can make lots of these ghosts when youíve made your mould. You could also hang them from the ceiling with cotton, or maybe pour watery poster paint on them for added effect.

Try it yourself!