Here's a cheat's way of getting perfect pictures.

You will need:
  • 15cm ruler
  • Scissors
  • Card or cardboard box card
  • Split pins or paper fasteners
Here's a line drawing of a cardboard box.

It doesn't look quite right, does it?
Now here's the same drawing, this time superimposed over a picture of the box.

You can see how the lines are out - the perspective is wrong.
If you have trouble getting perspective right in your pictures, you need to cheat by making one of these - a Perspective Cheater!

It's just two pieces of card and a split pin (or paper fastener).
You use it by holding it up to your eyes and lining it up with whatever you want to drawing.
So to do the road in this view, you'd open it out to the same angle as what you see...
...then hold it very still and transfer to a piece of paper.

Then just draw lines at the right angle... this!
You do exactly the same things for other angles, like this...
...and transfer to paper.
The Perspective Cheater is really easy to make.

Just draw around a small ruler, twice, onto a piece of thick card, or cardboard box card, and cut the shapes out.
Pop a hole in the end of each...
...and join the pieces with a split pin.

The idea is to pop the pin through both pieces.

Try it yourself!