Here's a great Art Attack that'll make you stand out at any party!

You will need:
  • cardboard box card
  • ruler
  • felt pen
  • string
  • scissors
  • newspaper
  • poster or acrylic paint
Measure the width of your head from ear to ear with a ruler.

You can get someone else to do this for you
Mark the width of your head onto some cardboard box card.
Take a piece of string to measure across the top of your head, from the bottom of one ear, up and over to the bottom of the other ear, and cut the string to length.
Lay the string down in a sort of upside down U shape on your card. Take a pen and draw the same shape onto your card. Follow the string all the way along, trying not to move it as you go along.
Remove the string, and neaten up the curve, making it about 1cm thick all the way along.

Do it on the outside edge of the line you've already drawn, otherwise it won't fit your head properly.
Cut it out to form a basic headband shape.

Check it for size on your head before continuing.
To strengthen it, take a thin strip of twisted newspaper and tape it all the way along the card.

Cut off or trim any excess paper.
You should now have a strong headband.
Take another bigger piece of cardboard box card, and lay this onto the headband. Draw the object that's going to go through your head. Neil is drawing a sword. It doesn't need to be neat - just mark it in roughly. Consider drawing the middle bit where your head will be, so that you can draw it right.
Remove the headband, and join up the ends of the handle and the tip.
Cut out these two pieces and place them either side of the headband.

Tape them securely into place.
Use poster or acrylic paint to decorate, adding the design on both sides. You could devise lots of different designs, like a snake or an arrow.

Try it yourself!