Did you know that plain brown parcel wrapping paper is really good paper to draw on?

You will need:
  • Brown parcel wrapping paper
  • Colouring pencils: shades of brown, black and white.
This is the kind of wrapping paper you need.

You should be able to get it from most greetings card or stationery shops.
If you use it on the non-shiny side you can get some really traditional, old-fashioned effects if you use pencils in black, white and a range of browns.
Start with a red-brown, putting in some rough sketching.
Just the outline for the moment - leave the detail for later.
Just the rough shapes are all you need at this stage.
Now for some shading.

The idea is to pick out those areas that are away from the light. Decide on where your light is coming from in the picture, and then shade...
Don't forget there'll be a little bit of shadow underneath where the light can't get to.
For the really darker bits, use a darker brown, sepia colour.
The lines in the grain of the parcel paper start showing through, giving it a great texture.
To bring it to life, give it some highlights with a white pencil.

The light is coming from the top right in this picture, so the top edges and sides facing the light can be picked out.
There you have it. A fantastic picture!

Try it yourself!