You can turn pencil drawings into paint using water soluble pencils.

You will need:
  • Water soluble pencils
  • A glass of water
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Paper
  • Paint brush
These magic pencils usually come in tins and are labelled water soluable or have the word aqua in the name.
They work as ordinary pencils too - so you can build up a landscape first using them as normal...
... so your picture looks like a regular pencil drawing.
Then dip a brush into water...
...and paint over the drawing. The colour should just dissolve the pencil.
The thicker you've drawn with the pencil, the deeper the colour.
When the paint's dry you can add some detail with the pencils again.
You can mix and match pencil drawing with paint, going over the painting with crayons.
And there you have it - a pencil drawing that's magically turned into a painting. Try it youself!