Here's how to make a great, textured drawing surface using cardboard box card and poster paint.

You will need:
  • cardboard box card
  • paint
  • chalk
  • charcoal
Cut a side from a cardboard box.

Squeeze out some poster paint, in any colour you like, and paint it onto the cardboard.
Slop it on, and cover the whole of the cardboard box card.

When you've finished one side, allow it to dry. When it has, you'll find that it's given you a great textured surface that you can draw on.
This surface is perfect for wax crayons, chalks or pastels.

Neil used charcoal and chalk to create a picture. He started with charcoal, to draw shadows.
Since the blue surface represents the mid colours in the picture, Neil just added highlights and reflections with white chalk.
A final bit of smudging...
...and a beautiful picture emerges!

Try it yourself!