Love ponies? Then make own - to look in through your window!

You will need:
  • Broadsheet newspaper
  • Staples
  • Paperclips
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Black pen
First, lay down four big sheets of broadsheet newspaper.
Then start to design the pony's head.

Draw it so that it's face-on. Begin with the ears at the top of the page - but not too close to it.
Then a forelock at the top of the head.
For the rest of the face, draw two long slightly curved lines for the nose, but not too thin.

Draw two bumps at the side for nostrils and curve it a little at the bottom for the muzzle.
Draw two big, round eyes, and maybe a stripe down the middle of the nose.
Now you need to cut it out. Here are a couple of tips to make that easier.

Cut around your pony's head about one centimetre away from the line.

You'll see why this is a good idea in a moment...
You need to cut through all four sheets, so to make this easier, put some paperclips on the page to hold them together while you cut.
Continue cutting and adding paperclips until you have the whole head free.

Make sure you leave that centimetre margin all the way around!
When you've finished cutting it out, you'll be left with something that looks like this.

It looks a bit flat at the moment - it needs fattening up.
Staple all around the edge of the horse's head, removing the paperclips as you go.

This is why you left a margin all around the edge - so that you can staple it.
Make sure that you leave a gap at the top of the head, large enough to get your hand in.
Next, scrunch up bits of newspaper and stuff the head through the gap you left.

Make sure you stuff in the middle of the four sheets, so that you have two sheets on either side.
You can use a ruler to help you push the stuffing right down inside.

The idea is to go right down to the mouth at the bottom, all the way up to the tips of the ears.
When you've fully stuffed it, you can staple the top of the head closed.
When you've done that you, should have something that looks like this.

Using four sheets of paper makes the head much strong now that it's padded.
Now all you have to do is paint! Use acrylic paints for this.

For the forelock, use a dark brown. It's always a good idea to do a real cartoon-like drawing for your pony's head because it makes it easier to paint!
This pony's skin is going to be a nice rich brown colour, a sort of chestnut brown.
For the stripe down the nose, paint it white.
You could add some white eyes with a spot of dark brown for a pupil.
When you've finished painting it and it's dry, just simply place it on your window ledge and it'll look as though the pony has come to greet you!

They look great in pairs. The second one here is a grey colour - but you could colour them however you like!
If you're really mad about horses, you could even put them on your door and make a stable door underneath.
You could even make a padded paper neck in the same way and stick them together.

Now you can tuck the neck down the back of your headboard or dressing table!

Try it yourself!