Here's a scratchy way to draw pictures.

You will need:
  • Oil pastels
  • Black paper
  • Something pointed like a plastic knife, spoon or cocktail stick
Rub a thick layer of white oil pastel onto a piece of black paper.

Make sure that you completely cover it - no gaps allowed!
Next, draw onto it with something pointed.

You can use a plastic fork, knife or spoon, cocktail sticks or an old ballpoint pen that's run out.

Neil's using a plastic knife.
Just draw in the same way you would with a pen or pencil.
The plastic knife scratches away the oil pastel to reveal the black paper underneath!
The harder you scratch - the darker the lines.
For wispy lines, just scratch lightly.
If you make a mistake, you can easily cover it up by rubbing on some more oil pastel.
Then just carry on and scratch again.
To scratch away bigger areas, use something thicker.

Here, Neil's using a spoon.
Try it yourself!