If you have trouble drawing old people, here are some great tips.

You will need:
  • Pen
  • Paper
The first thing to remember when you drawing an old person is that all their features are droopy, so they will have droopy lips...
...a droopy nose and droopy eyelids, and they also have lines on their forehead and all around their faces.
The more lines around their face, the older you can make them look.
Their chin and cheeks are droopy too.
The neck is wrinkly and also droopy.
And their ears - you guessed it - are droopy too!
When it comes to drawing an old person's hair, old men tend to have tufts of hair on the sides of their heads.
Old ladies have curly hair.

If you're going to colour it in, it is usually silver coloured.
To add some more effect to your drawings, why not add a pair of speactacles drooping off the end of their nose!
Remember when you're drawing the body of an old person, that old ladies tend to be frail and droopy, and old men tend to be plump and droopy!
Although there are exceptions! Ha ha!

Try it yourself!