Here's an Art Attack that puts old pens, broken rulers and other old art materials to use once more!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • A selection of old, broken art materials
  • Paint
The chances are you've got some old or broken art materials lying around.

You know the sort of thing - felt tips that have started to run out, broken rulers, and so on.
Well, why not put them to use again, one last time?

Make a start by sketching a picture by using felt tips that are running out.
Alternatively, you could use old pieces of wax crayon to do this.
Old bits of sponge can be put to use on the picture, too - just dip into paint...
...and sponge gently onto the paper for a great furry texture.
Build up the layers by sponging on darker colours or higlights.
An old eraser can also be dipped into paint... be scraped on to the picture.
And once again, using a lighter colour will give highlight effect.
A broken ruler can be dipped into paint...
...and flicked onto the picture.
If you've got a broken set square, you can use the small broken edge for drawing details.
Here's a look at Neil's finished picture. Not bad, eh?

Try it yourself!