Why not make your work look important with an official stamp!

You will need:
  • Crayons
  • Coins
For this you'll need two coins, one of which must be bigger than the other, like a 2p coin and a 1p coin.

Stamps are usually just thumped on, so position the bigger coin so that it overlaps part of your work, then draw around it with a wax crayon.
You need to make the line broken in places by stabbing the crayon on and off the surface, so that it looks like it's been really stamped.
Next, pop the smaller coin inside the first circle, and draw around that.

Again, use the broken line technique!
Write the date as neatly as you can, in the centre of the small circle.

Use the same broken line technique once more.
Add squiggles in the gap between the two circles.
You can add writing around the border if you like, but make sure you use the same broken line technique.
When finished, give the stamp a smudge with your finger to make it look more authentic.
Try some different designs, like a double stamp...
...or make a rectangular stamp using an eraser as a guide to draw around.
And you don't just have to use it on your work - you can use it on anything. Even a diary, like this!

Try it yourself!