Create this octopus for your wall to put things on.

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Newspaper
  • Egg boxes
  • Paint
First, draw an octopus with only four legs dangling down.

The head is a sort of ball shape, and the legs are S-shaped with a spiral at the end.
The legs need to be about 4cm wide at the top.
Cut out the whole shape.
Now the other four legs!

Place the shape on another piece of cardboard box card. Draw around the top of the head. Then draw another four legs - popping up above the others.
Move away the first shape, and join up the legs like this.
Use a pencil to carefully pierce two holes throught the head.

You could put some sticky tack behind to protect the surface you're working on!
Now cut out the shape, thread some string through the holes and tie it together to make a loop going through.

This will be used to hang up the Octotput when it's finished.
Line up the two head shapes together.

They should go together perfectly to create an eight legged octopus!
Glue the two head areas together, using strong glue so that it is secure.
Part of the string should now be firmly sandwiched between the two faces.

There'll be a bit sticking out at the back for hanging.
Draw on an octopus face and some suckers running down the leg and on the head.
Make some newspaper rings like these...
...and some bumpy bits from egg boxes with slits cut in the top!
Tape them down the legs of the octopus to make 3D suckers!

These will be used to hang things on and push things into later.
Using PVA glue mixed in equal parts with water, cover the bumpy bits and stick on some kitchen roll.

Be careful not to go over the slits in the egg box bits!
Put another layer of PVA mixture over the top, and leave to dry.
Now you can paint your Octotput however you like!

The suckers will appear to stick out more if you paint them a lighter colour!
Once you've hung him up you can put things on it - like jewllery, photos or notes to yourself.
The egg box slits are handy for pushing things in, like this hanky.
You can make an Octoput in any size - and decorate it however you like.

Try it yourself!