This Art Attack will give you lots of tips on how to paint night-time pictures.

You will need:
  • Black paper
  • Poster paint
  • Paintbrush
What colour do you think of for night? Chances are it's black!

But, things aren't just black at night...
Here, Neil's painting a blue sky that gets darker towards the edges..
...and adding in a moon.
Now he's adding in some darker clouds...
...and highlighting the edges of the clouds that face the moon with white.
Next, a silvery-blue sea...
...and some more white for the reflection of the moon in the water.
The land in the distance is quite faded, so he's adding that in a dark grey.
The buildings in the foreground have light blue rooves, where the moon catches them.
Neil's using grey for silhouetted buildings...
...and a grey-green mix for fields in the foreground.
Finally, a few lights in the distance...
...and a few in the buildings.
And there it is - not just black at night!

Next time you're out after dark, have a look around you, and see what colours you can see!

Try it yourself!

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