What if nature went a bit haywire and some of our body parts grew out of proportion?

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pen
Pick any two body parts and make them look enormous on the page.
Here you can see eyes and feet.
The rule is simple - the other body parts must be normal size.

So this man has tiny arms and body!
What if we had huge teeth and huge ears?
It's fun because you never know how these pictures will look when you're finished!

Here it's a challenge to make the other facial features fit around the enormous ones!
Now add everything else normal size!

You can go on for ages creating cartoon characters like this.
Nature really has gone mad here - and given this man massive nostrils and a giant chin!
Neil says his Mum always complains about the size of her bottom. So what if it really was huge?! Ha ha!

Try it yourself!