With this Art Attack you'll find out how to draw things in the moonlight.

You will need:
  • Chalk
  • Black Paper
First, draw a circle using white chalk.

This will be the moon
Use a finger to smudge the moon a little, then add in some chalk semicircles around it.

These represent clouds. Smudge them too.
Next, draw a few lines onto the clouds, to give them definition.
Then draw the outlines of whatever is in your picture, use the smudged moon as a guide to what the light will be shinning on.

Neil drew a night-time city scene.
If there are objects in your picture, try to draw them lightly and don't smudge them as much as the moon.
Things that have their own light - like a street lamp - need smudging in the direction their light shines.
If you draw a city scene like Neil, don't forget that at night there would stil be some lights on... but not all of them!
So use a piece of yellow chalk to represent the lights that are on, to give them a tinge of colour.
Smudge those lights gently to complete a perfect moonlit picture.

Try it yourself!