Don't imagine there are monsters under your bed - now you can make your own!

You will need:
  • pencil
  • cardboard box card
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • newspaper
  • tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • paint
  • string
Draw and cut out a big oval piece of cardboard box card.
Take some white paper and tear it into rough triangle shapes.

Tear quite a lot of triangles.
Do the same with some cardboard box card, tearing or cutting very carefully some rough, long triangles.

If you choose to cut, make sure you roughen up the edges by tearing them.
Put some glue around the outside edge of your cardboard oval, and stick on a card triangle so that the point faces inwards.
Place another one next to it, and stick that down so the point faces inwards - it doesn't matter if the outside edge is a bit messy.
Stick the triangles all the way around the oval with the points facing inwards.
Put some more glue on the top of the card triangles.
This time, take your paper triangles and stick them on the top of the card triangles, again with the points facing inwards.

Go all the way around the oval in the same way, gluing card first and then the paper on top.
Leave it to dry.
Next, you need to scrunch and bend the triangles back.

Give all the triangles, paper and card a scrunch and then bend them back on themselves.

This gives the effect of torn wallpaper and becomes your hole in the wall, with the wallpaper all bent back.
Now you're ready to put the monster in it, coming at you!
Start with the monster's face.

Use a scrunched up sheet of newspaper for the top part of the head, and tape it into place.
Scrunch up another sheet of newspaper, this time slightly tighter so that it's smaller.

Tape it underneath the top of the head, to become the bottom jaw.

Use loads of tape to make it nice and strong.
Roll up a sheet of newspaper lengthways, and just bend it round, and tape that into place.
Scrunch up two newspaper eyes.
Use some rolls of newspaper for the eyebrows. Push them down in the middle to make them angry.
Cut some little triangles of cardboard box card for the teeth.
You can even add in some card horns, and that's your monster's face, looking at you!
Next, you need to make two monster hands.

For each hand, start by scrunching up a square-shaped ball of newspaper, to form a big, chunky monster's hand.
Roll up some tubes of newspaper and cut them to size for your monster's fingers.
Tape the fingers of the top of the hand.
Add on some cardboard claws.
Attach the hands in position near the bottom of the face, so that it looks like your monster is bursting out at you.

Use lots of tape to keep them in place.
When youíve finished, itíll look something like this.

Everything should be now really secure because thereís lots of tape on it.
To give your monster skin, mix PVA glue in equal parts with water and paste it onto your monster.
Lay on strips of tissue paper or kitchen roll.

Cover the whole of the face and hands in two layers, and leave it to dry.
The final step is to paint the monster.

Paint black all the way around your monster onto the backing card to create a black hole.

You might need to hold the card and paper back while you paint.
Paint the monster any colour you like. How about a gruesome green?

You can even mix in some slightly darker shades, to give the skin monster-like texture.

Paint the hands green, and blend in different shades of green with some black or brown.

For the eyes, how about fiery red, with a white highlight for a fierce sparkle?
Tape some string onto the back, using some strong tape, then hang the monster up on your bedroom wall and scare yourself stiff!
Monsters coming at you, through the walls!

Try it yourself!