Create an ornate monogram using your initials, and pretend that you're rich and famous!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Felt tips
A monogram is simply your own initials, interwoven in a really fancy design.
They look very ornate. You get them on personalised letters and important documents. The rich and famous have them printed on almost anything!
They're great fun to design - so why not have a go at your own?

Start with your initials. It doesn't matter what they are, but make them look curvy.
They can be capital or small letters.

You can extend bits of letters, like the "N" here.
Then simply weave your other initial onto the first.

You can do this above, below, next to or on top of the first. It's up to you.
To make the letters fancy, extend some of the lines with curvy spirals...
Thicken up some of the lines by doubling them up.
You can also thicken up some of the curves.
Next, carefully colour in the thick parts of the letters.
And that's it - looks good, doesn't it?
Here's a red monogram painted with a brush.
This has been coloured in with dots.
And this one uses two different colours.

Try it yourself!