Keep your glasses or sunglasses safe and easy to find with this Art Attack.

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper
  • Sticky tape
  • PVA glue
  • Tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
Draw around a small plate onto a piece of cardboard box card.

Cut the circle out, and put it aside for the moment.
Next, make the mole's head.

Scrunch up some newspaper into a ball of newspaper that's about the size of a large potato.

Use plenty of sticky tape to keep the shape!
For a snout, take half a sheet of newspaper and scrunch it into a cone shape.

Tape this onto the head.
Tape the head to the middle of the cardboard circle you made at the start.

Use plenty of tape, and secure the snout so that it's pointing slightly upwards.
Fold up a small piece of newspaper into a strip that's about 10cm long, and hold it together with some tape.
Tape the strip into a semi-circular loop around the back of the mole's head.

Remember to leave some space in the loop, so that the glasses can pop in and out easily!
At this point you should check that the arms of the glasses fit into the loop.
Keeping the glasses in position, make two small newspaper balls for eyes and stick them in place on the head.

(Keeping the glasses in place while you do this means that you can line the position of the eyes up with the sunglasses).
Next, scrunch up more bits of newspaper and glue them around the mole, onto the base.

There's no need to be neat about this.

Fill in all the gaps on the card.
Now you need to make two paws from two fat rolls of newspaper.

Stick with five pointy newspaper claws onto each end, so that you have something that looks like this.
Position the paws on either side of the mole's head, to make it look as though it's just come up through the ground!

Use plenty of sticky tape to keep the paws in place.
Next, mix up some PVA glue half and half with water, and paste strips of tissue paper or kitchen roll all over the mole.

Cover the whole thing, but remember not to seal over the space in the loop on the back of the mole's head!
When the tissue paper or kitchen roll has dried, you can paint!

Dark grey is a good mole colour, with a pink nose and paws. And use a muddy brown on the base, streaked with other shades brown to give the mud a good texture.
And that's the mole finished!

You need never lose your glasses or sunglasses again.

You don't have to make a mole - here are some other ideas.
How about this mouse...
...or this shark!

Try it yourself!