Useful tips for creating great pictures with microtip marker pens.

You will need:
  • black marker
  • paper
Here's a great pen for drawing - a black permanent marker with a thin tip.

Sometimes the tips are so thin they're called 'microtips'. You can get them almost anywhere that sells felt tip pens.
Here's a sketch that Neil's been doing with his pen - and they're perfect for this type of drawing because they can give extra detail.
You can use them for shading too - especially this type of crosshatch shading, where you do lines first going one way and then the other to represent a shaded region.
If you use a permanent micro-marker (one with permanent ink in it), when your sketches dry, you can colour them in with ordinary coloured markers.

Just make sure that your markers are ordinary water-soluble ones, so they won't smudge your sketch.
You can buy water-based coloured inks which just brush on, that won't smudge your permanent micro-marker.
You can even use ordinary watercolour paints, because they won't smudge the sketch either.
And there it is - draw a pen sketch using a permanent black micro-marker, with a really thin tip. And when it's dry, colour it in using water based felt tips, watercolour paints, or ink.

Try it yourself!