Make this and leave memorable messages!

You will need:
  • Pad of sticky notelets
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard box card
  • Thread
  • Stick glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sticky tape
Draw around a pad of sticky notelets onto a piece of cardboard box card.

Just under the box, add a little semi circle.
Mark the vampire's waistband just above the box, and then draw the rest of the body around it.
Make sure that the vampire's eyes are looking down, then draw the rest of the body around the box.

When you're happy with what you've drawn, cut out the box shape and the little semi circle beneath it, as well as all around the edge of the body.
When you've cut the vampire out, carefully paint it.

This one is painted a ghostly white, and has a dark purple cloak.

The detail has been picked out with black marker pen, too.
Now bend the vampire up, in a straight line across the waist.
To make the coffin, place the vampire onto another piece of cardboard box card...
...and draw a spooky coffin shape around it.

The coffin shape is a sort of diamond, with the ends cut off!
When you've finished, take the vampire away and draw another line around the edge of the coffin, about 1cm out.
Then cut the middle of the coffin out and all around the outside edge... give you something that looks like this!
Next, use the coffin shape as a template to draw around, on another piece of cardboard box card.

Cut out two more coffin shapes, like these.
To assemble the coffin, just pop some stick glue all around the edge of the one with the hole in it...
...and then place it onto one of the other pieces.

Line up the edges and press it firmly into place.
Then put the lid piece on top, and line up the edges...
...then pop some tape along the edge at the side.

The tape will act as a hinge so that the lid can open.
Paint the coffin whichever way you like...
...and when it's dry, pop some stick glue on the back of the vampire, on the bottom half...
...then stick the vampire in position, inside the coffin.
The mechanism to raise the vampire is made with the help of a piece of thread.
Tape one end of the thread just under the vampire's head with a very small bit of tape, like this.
Hold the thread and gently pull the vampire up a bit...
...and tape the other end to the inside of the coffin lid.
The idea is to fix the thread so that the vampire sits up comfortably when the coffin is opened.
When it's in the right position, make sure that the tape is secure and trim off any loose ends of thread.
The final thing to do is stick the pad of notelets into the hole.
The little semi circle makes it easy to insert your finger and tear off the note on the top.
And that's it - all done!

For another idea - how about a message from a mummy, all wrapped up with bandages?

Try it yourself!