Some good tricks to help you draw faces, to show whether it's a man or a woman.

You will need:
  • pen
  • paper
Men tend to have larger faces, so in this picture the man is on the left, and the woman on the right.

Men also tend to have bulkier eyes and noses. In the picture, the man has a stronger nose and ears, and the woman has a daintier nose.
Women usually have bigger eyes and longer eyelashes than men.

In fact, itís a bad idea to include eyelashes when drawing a man.
Women also tend to have fuller lips. So give the woman big lips, and the man, a thin pair, drawn with simple lines.
Men usually have thicker jaws and necks than woman.

The pictures are a little exaggerated, to illustrate the differences.
When it comes to hair, menís eyebrows are usually a lot thicker. They tend to have facial hair too.

Women tend to have more hair than men.

Also, women sometimes have jewellery, like necklaces and earrings.

Donít forget, these are just tips to help you practice.

Try it yourself!