A really quick way to get authentic-looking medieval lettering.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pen
Have a look at this fantastic medieval gothic writing.

Medieval sign writers and the apprentices spent years perfecting their techniques.
But here's a really quick way to cheat - just think curvy diamonds.

Follow the shape of a normal diamond but draw it with curved lines - like the one on the right of this picture.
Build up the shape of letters using different size curvy diamonds, like this.
To make an "L" into an "E", just add a couple more diamonds.
You could even add a couple of lines to make it look more ornate.
If you colour them in black they look really medieval.
It works for lower case lettering too.
You could use medieval lettering on posters...
...or for covering books.
Go on, have a go at creating ornate medieval lettering...
...out of curvy diamonds.