Here's a really funky way of mounting a picture that you don't want to put in a frame.

You will need:
  • Picture or photograph
  • Cardboard box card
  • Pencil
  • Black marker pen
  • Paint
  • Stick glue
  • String
This frame looks all dotty, crazy and manic, doesn't it?
To make one, all you need is a picture or photograph and some pieces of cardboard box card.

Stick whatever you want to frame onto a piece of the cardboard box card.
Then draw an explosion around the main part of the picture or photograph.
When you're happy with the shape, cut it out, then go round the edges with thick black marker or pen.
Cut out three more explosion shapes from cardboard box card, each one bigger than the one before.
It's a good idea to arrange them on top of each other at this stage, to see how they look.
Paint the cardboard explosion shapes in different colours.

Comic colours work really well - how about a dotted one, a yellow one and a red one?

Again, use a black marker to outline the edges.
To assemble the Manic Mount so that there's a gap between each layer, you need to make three cardboard box card blocks.

Each one is made from two squares of cardboard box card stuck together.
Stick one to the centre of the largest explosion shape, then dab a blob of glue on top and place the smaller explosion on top.
It's a good idea to slightly offset each explosion shape so that each can be seen clearly.
Repeat the process, with the photo going on last, on the top.
If you put some string on the back, you can hang it up, too.

For other ideas, how about a glittery one...
...or how about using splats, instead of explosion shapes?

Try it yourself.