Have a go at making this crazy assault course for marbles!

You will need:
  • Marble
  • Disposable cups
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Small cardboard boxes
  • Pebbles
  • Sticky tape
  • Egg box carton
  • Empty cartons and packages
  • Paint
Start by making some catchers and throwers, to catch the marble and then throw it back out!

For the catcher part, cut a circle out of one of the paper cups. It needs to be the same size as one of the tubes.
For the thrower bit, cut the tube in half lengthways and insert one end into the hole at a slight angle.

Put some tape underneath where the tube meets the cup.
The small boxes will form a base to stand it on.

Weigh the box down with a pebble or two and tape it closed. Then tape your catcher and thrower to the box.
Now test the catcher and thrower by dropping a marble inside. It should fly out of the bottom tube!

If you make two the same - and paint them in jazzy colours - you have the beginnings of a marble motorway!
Then, place the catchers and throwers in your room at different levels. You could prop them up on books on a table, or put them on shelves around your room so the marble will travel from one down into the other.
Now you can make some bridges, to let the marble travel even further!

Use more tubes, cut in half lengthways and taped to boxes at a slight angle. Here, Neil's propped up his bridge with part of an egg box. To get a smooth run, it's important the tubes overlap slightly so there are no bumps or gaps!
You can keep adjusting the motorway and adding more bits.

Use whatever empty cartons and packages you can find lying around the home - and be imaginative!
You could make a helter skelter stunt from a cardboard tube and two empty cheese boxes.

Cut one hole in the middle of the cheese box the same size of your tube, then another at the side big enough for a marble to fall through.
Stand the tube up - and make two levels. The idea is to tilt the cheese boxes at an angle so the marble will run through both the holes in turn. Stick the tube to another weighted box - and paint it however you like!
For a vortex stunt, use half a kitchen roll tube stuck into the side of another one at an angle like this.
Cut off the top bit of an empty plastic drinks bottle.

Place it on top of the tube and upside down. Again, stick the whole thing onto a weighted box and paint!
The marble will whizz around in the top for a while, then shoot out of the tube at the side!
When you've made a few stunts, arrange them in between your catchers and throwers and bridges...
...and with a bit of imagination...
you'll end up with a manic marble motorway!

Try it yourself!