Here's a great joke to play on people which looks very realistic - spilt cups and mugs with the drink all over the table. They're really easy to do.

You will need:
  • bin bag or opened out carrier bag
  • cardboard box card
  • sticky tape
  • plastic cup
  • PVA glue
  • food colouring
To make your mess, first tape a binbag or an opened out carrier bag, to a piece of cardboard box card.

Make sure the bag is flat and there are no creases.
Next, make the coloured drink that you want to spill... but don't use paint!

Use food colouring, available in little bottles at supermarkets.
The colouring is obviously dependent upon the drink in mind - here, Neil is making orange juice so he's using orange colouring.

Put a splash into the bottom of an old cup or plastic beaker, about 10 drops.
Add about half a cupful of neat PVA glue like this, and mix very well.

It can take a little while to get a consistent colour throughout, and you can add some more colour to make it darker. Remember, though, that it will dry darker.
When you've finished stirring in the colour, you'll have something like this.
Take another plastic cup, and pour a little more colouring into it. Don't pour much, as you'll need most of it for the next stage.

Then lay it down on top of your plastic bag in the corner.
Continue to pour the rest of your drink all around the outside of the cup, as if it's spilt. Let the glue splay out, and pour most of it away from the cup as if it's been thrown forward. When you've done it, you could always put a couple of drinking straws into the glue, to suggest they've also been spilt.
Leave it to dry. It really will dry darker because PVA glue dries transparent, and the white disappears, leaving behind the orange colour.

And you can easily peel the cup off the plastic bag!
If you want to make a spilt drink of coffee, then all you do is mix a few teaspoons of coffee with a bit of water and add in half a cup of glue.

Mix it well, and you'll get pretend coffee.
Repeat the method as before, pouring a little bit in the cup, and then pouring most of it messily all around the cup.

Consider adding a plastic stirrer, too!
Leave it to dry, and when it's peeled off, you'll have something like this. Brilliant isn't it? You could try some other things like spilt cherryade or cola.

Try it yourself!