Find out how to use simple models to help you with drawing.

You will need:
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Modelling clay
Take a look at this picture.

It's a bit flat - the footballers are too front-on - they should be turned a little, so that they face each other.
This is a common problem when drawing. Often pictures look too front-on - too stiff and flat.

So how do you turn things a bit, to create different angles and views?
That's where this stuff comes in - ordinary modelling clay!
The idea is to make a simple model of whatever it is that you want to turn.

Here, you can see Neil making a simple person.
Put the model together - it doesn't have to be perfect - just enough to give you a rough guide.
Once you've finished the model, you'll be able to bend it into any shape, and place it at any angle.
So, position the model and use it to copy the shapes that you see.

The result should be a picture that's not boring and front-on.
And once you have the main pose, use the rough shapes to add on detail.
You can make any kind of model you like.

How about this dog? Just turn it and copy it!
Look closely at the model when you copy the shapes...
...and of course, when you've finished you can just scrunch up the modelling clay, and make another model.
And you can turn that, and copy it in the same way!
All of these pictures were done using this technique.

Here's another footballer...
...the dog...
...and the elephant!

Try it yourself!