You can have a lot of fun with eyes, you know! Especially when they're really big - like this pair!

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Scissors
  • Paper plates
  • Coloured pens
Put two paper plates next to each other on some cardboard box card, with a gap of about 10cm in between. Draw around them, then move the plates away. These will be the rims of your giant specs.
Using the circles as a guide, draw another circle inside the two you already have, about 1 or 2cm inside.
You'll also need to draw another circle outside.
For the bridge of the glasses, draw two lines joining up the circles.
Then carefully cut away the outside and inside bits, leaving a rim.
Next you need to sit the two paper plates inside the rims, and stick them down with tape.
So that you can see out of your new giant specs, measure how far apart your eyes are, using your fingers. Take care not to poke yourself in the eye.
Then carefully punch two holes in the rim of the glasses at the same distance apart.
So you can wear the specs, measure a piece of thin card around your head.
Using sticky tape, fix each end to the back of your glasses.
Now you have the basis of your mad eyes - ready to decorate however you like!.
You can have lots of fun making different types...
... even in different shapes.

Try it yourself!