Fun ideas for things to do with a humble letter U!

You will need:
  • a pencil
  • some cardboard box card
  • a ruler
  • newspaper
  • sticky tape
  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • tissue paper/kitchen roll
  • paint
  • glitter
First draw the letter U on to a piece of cardboard box card about 10cm tall and 10cm wide.
Then make it really fat and chunky.

Go all around the outside of the U and make it 1cm wider. Then cut it out.
To fatten it up, and make it 3D-like, you need to pad it out.

Take a double page spread of newspaper and close it.
Roll it into a sausage shape, fold it and scrunch it up.
Put it onto one side of your U and tape it into place using plenty of sticky tape.

If there's any left over at the end, just trim it off carefully.
Roll and scrunch more paper, bending it all the way around your U, and taping it into place.

Once it’s finished, you’ll have something that looks like this.
Now take some PVA glue and mix it with a little splash of water.

Paste it onto your U, and then add on strips of kitchen roll or tissue paper.

Cover the whole of your letter U in two layers of this kitchen roll and PVA glue papier-mâché.
Leave it to dry.

When done, it’ll look something like this.
Now decide what message you want to say. It could be a 'Kiss U' or a 'Miss U'. These instructions are for a 'Love U.'

Draw a heart shape on another piece of cardboard box card. (To draw a heart, use a pencil to draw around a 2p. Move the coin to one side and draw it again so you have two circles touching. Draw a V underneath, joining the circles up, and use this as a guide to draw your heart shape.)
Carefully cut it out.
Decorate your U any way you like.

You could draw stripes or polka dots, waves or zig-zags.

Consider designing it on a piece of paper first before you actually draw on your model U.
Next, paint it using poster or acrylic paint.

Try to use acrylic paint if you can, because it dries with a nice shiny finish.
Instead of painting the heart, you could try putting glitter on it, by pasting some glue all over one side and dipping the heart into the glitter.
Stick the heart onto your U, and there you have your 'Love U' to send to someone special!
You could do other designs:

Once you've made the U, it's just a case of deciding what you want to say.

For a 'Kiss U', draw and cut out a pair of card lips, stick the lips into place, and paint it however you want.

To tell someone they're really special, how about making a star? Cut it out and stick it onto your U, decorate it, and put glitter on it.

If you need to use other letters for your message, like, 'Miss U', then write little chunky letters on card. Cut them out, pad them out on the front with little sausages of newspaper and cover them in tissue and glue mixture. Then leave them to dry and stick them onto your U, to create a 'Miss U'.

Cheer someone up and send a message from U!

Try it yourself!