Create a masterpiece - with a lolly stick!

You will need:
  • Lolly stick(s)
  • Paper
  • Ink or watered down poster paint
When it comes to doing pen and ink pictures, you can spend a fortune on expensive fancy pens.
But you can make your own ink pen from an ordinary lolly stick!
Carefully snap a lolly stick and you have a great pen for drawing with.
All you need now is a bottle of ink or some watered down poster paint.

Just hold the stick in the same way that you'd hold a pen.
Dip the "pen" into ink - and experiment!
Hold the nib flat to the page and you'll be able to do thick, solid lines.
Twist the stick a little to get thinner lines.
If you use the corner of the stick when there's not too much ink on it, you can create fainter lines that are good for sketching.
If you use the stick to flick the ink, you get a feathered effect like this.
And if you dip the stick into the ink and then hold it in one position, and draw a wavy line, you get a line that goes thick-thin-thick!
It's a good idea to keep experimenting and practising - then when you're used to drawing with the stick, you can try a picture.
Here's Neil's picture!
You can use the technique to produce a set of different coloured pens, too... make a multi-coloured picture like this.

Try it yourself!