Have you got so much artwork that you don't know where to put it all? Why not make a stylish laptop art folder to keep it safe and tidy?

You will need:
  • Cardboard Box Card
  • Paint
  • Marker Pen
  • Stick Glue
  • Thin Card
Start by cutting out three sides of a cardboard box. Trim them so that each section is a couple of centimetres bigger than a sheet of A4 paper, all the way around.
Each of the three sections should be the same size.
Now cut out the other, fourth side of the box, to the same size.
Take that piece of cardboard and draw around the A4 paper to get a rectangle shape.

Then, using a ruler, draw another box which is 1cm inside the rectangle.
Cut the inner rectangle out, to make a cardboard frame that will become the screen of your laptop.
Use some of the spare bits of cardboard box to cut three strips, each about 2cm wide and 25cm long.
Dab some stick glue on one of the cardboard strips and position it so that it lines up with the outside edge of the bottom of the frame.

Then glue the other two strips to the left and right edges of the frame.
Dab more stick glue onto the three strips of cardboard that you just stuck on.
Turn the frame over and stick it into position, about 1cm above the fold in the cardboard.
When dry, check that the frame allows you to slide your artwork in and out.
Next, cut two thin pieces of card that are half the size of the remaining two sections.

Run some glue along three of the edges and glue them into place on the two remaining sections. These will make pockets for you to put other pieces of your artwork into.
Now you can add some finishing touches.

It's a good idea to paint the whole thing grey so it looks like a real laptop computer, and paint the screen in a different colour.
Then you need to add a keyboard to your laptop. So use a marker pen to draw the keys. It's a good idea to look at a keyboard first so you know what it looks like.

You can add a few buttons and a mouse pad too, and don't forget to add a name for the computer.
Now you have your laptop all you need to do now is "download" your work onto it by sliding a picture inside!
And if you open your laptop out, you'll have room to store more pictures and drawings.

Try it yourself!