There's nothing better than a nice juicy burger - and this one can store your bits of art junk!

You will need:
  • Two empty, circular cheese boxes (with lids)
  • Cereal box box card
  • Newspaper
  • Kitchen or loo roll
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
First you need to make the cheese boxes deeper for storage.

Take a strip of cereal box card about 5cm deep and long enough to fit around the cheese box.
Bend it slightly and place it inside the rim of the cheese box.

Glue it into position. Do the same with the second cheese box, so you have two boxes with cardboard collars.
Put some glue on the top of one of the lids.
Stick it to the base of the other cheese box.
This leaves you with your basic burger, with two storage compartments.
To make it look good enough to eat, scrunch up some newspaper into a sort of shallow dome shape.

Tape it onto one of the lids to create a burger bun.
For the bottom part of the bun, tape a sausage of newspaper along the lowest edge of the bottom box.

Tape it firmly into place.
Here's your basic bun shape.
Add some filling by sticking things onto the middle bits.

Try strips of newspaper to make lettuce...
...a sausage of newspaper around the middle bit for the burger...
...cardboard triangles for cheese, and semi-circles for tomato.

Make sure you leave the tip of the collars flat so the container will still open and close later.
When you're happy with your burger, you need to strengthen everything.

Mix some PVA glue in equal parts with water, and paste it on.
Stick on strips of kitchen roll, and put more glue over the top. Make sure you still leave the two cardboard collars clear for opening and closing.
When you get to the lettuce, don't worry about putting kitchen roll on - just slap on some PVA glue to strengthen the leaves!
Put the burger to one side to dry, and a bit later it should look like this!

Check that all the right bits come apart. You should have two compartments to store stuff in.
Time to get painting!

Use poster or acrylic paint and lots of different colours to make your burger look extra juicy!
Now it's ready to put all your bits and pieces in!
And if you really like junk food and have lots of junk to store why not create extra mouthwatering fillings?

Use the same cheese box method to build up more layers! Yum!

Try it yourself!